In Matthew 28:18 – 20 Jesus commanded that we should preach the gospel to all nations baptizing them in them the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. Before the ascension of Jesus to heaven to those who were gathered there recorded in Acts 1:8 Jesus said, “and you are witnesses of these things both in Judea, Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the world.” Of course this includes the Republic of Panama. 1 Corinthians 3:6 Paul makes the statement, “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.” All who travel on mission trips do so to sow the seeds of the gospel. The ultimate reason for going is to share Jesus Christ and his word with the world. Someone wrote:

You are writing a gospel a chapter a day by the deeds that you do and the things that you say people read what you write whether faulty or trueSay what is the gospel according to you?

Our purpose is to bring the truth of God’s word to people as they witness our good works. You can to be a witness of Jesus Christ.

Operation Christmas Joy

Panama Missions has introduced thousands of Panamanian children to the joy of Christmas. Since December 2001 Panama Missions has distributed thousands of plastic shoe boxes filled with small gifts (toys, clothing, school supplies and toiletries). Each box is packed for a specific age and gender, from infant to teenager. A U.S. mission team travels to Panama in mid-December to join forces with Panamanian Christians to distribute the gifts - along with Bibles, tracts, and other Bible literature - to needy children in churches, remote communities, schools and hospitals. Many participants also make small gift bags which are easier to transport to difficult to reach areas. Clothing is also a big part of Operation Christmas Joy as more than 1,000 new home-sewn dresses plus hundreds of sets of new and like-new clothing for both boys and girls are collected and distributed to the most needy of Panama. If you are interested in participating in Operation Christmas Joy, please click on the link for the updated Leader's Guidebook to learn the details. Everything you need to get started is on this website. 

Coordinator : Sara Bills

Email: saratoga4000@gmail.com

Click to Download information on the Program

Humanitarian Aid


Panama missions with the cooperation of individuals and Church of Christ throughout the United States provides different types of humanitarian aid for those who live in difficult circumstances. Some of the things that are offered:

  1. Clean water filters using the Sawyer one water filter.
  2. Cement floors to help families live better
  3. Each group supplies different amounts of groceries for the poorest of the families
  4. Transportation for people who need to travel to Panama City to the Children’s Hospital.

We follow the example of Jesus from Matthew chapter 9 and chapter 15. Jesus looked out over the crowds having compassion upon them for they were hungry and they were as sheep scattered abroad without a shepherd. We seek in all that we do to follow this example of compassion and bringing hope to the hopeless.   



Each year multiple medical teams composed of physicians, RNs, LPNs, dentist, pharmacist and support personnel travel to the Republic of Panama bringing needed medical care to those who do not have access to quality medical care. Our medical professionals are compassionate and loving people who desire to share their talents on behalf of the poor. As they share their talents, they are also sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Over 4000 people have received eye surgery, thousands have received dental care with tens of thousands having received medical care. Some have even been brought to the United States to undergo more in-depth care. Others have received wheelchairs, walkers and much-needed medicine Panama missions has a medical clinic called, “The Building of Hope “located in the community of Sanson, Darien which is along the Pan-American highway 150 miles southeast of Panama City. It also has full housing accommodations for groups to stay in while serving. There is hot water and comfortable accommodations for those who are willing to travel to this area.   



For some of the poorest of families Panama missions offers help with basic school expenses from kindergarten through 12th grade. Individual families from the United States will donate $50-$100 per month for a child’s care. A follow-up is done periodically on these children. Requirements are simple.  Attending church faithfully, make passing grades in school and be an example in their community. The supporting families can if they so desire write letters and send additional clothing and other supplies with groups who travel to Panama.  

Be A Volunteer

Each year thousands of individuals travel all over the world to volunteer on behalf of the poor. If after looking at all that’s on this website and you have a desire to volunteer to be part of a mission team that you will find the information here as to what is needed to begin that process. We not only need volunteers in Panama but we need volunteers to help those who desire to travel. You will find you will get so much more back than what you give. The rewards are great and one can never know who’s life there touching for Jesus Christ.Click on the link below to open a file containing the following information:  

Page 1: Traveling to Panama on a mission - what you need to know / rules to follow.  

Page 3: Panama Missions Disclaimer / Emergency Contact form  

Page 4: Preparing for a trip (passport, immunizations, etc)  

Page 5: Medical Questionnaire  

Page 6: Underage Participation Recommendation  

Volunteers are encouraged to complete and submit the form online. However, at some point you will need to print the disclaimer page (pg. 3), and return signed.  Underage participants will need to print page 6, and return with the signatures of at least two elders. 

Click on a file to download.